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Hey there, creative minds! Our blog is your backstage pass to the buzzing world of animation, filmmaking, technology, and more. Think of it as your digital coffee chat with industry experts and fellow enthusiasts.

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We’re not your average blog – we’re your creative hangout. So grab a virtual seat, sip your favourite drink, and let’s geek out over all things creative. Got questions? Dive into the comments – we’re here to chat!

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Industry Resources

Competency Framework for the Animation Industry

Animation Ireland in conjunction with Screen Ireland developed this Competency Framework for crew. It’s a fantastic resource that gives details of skills required at all levels within identified roles in the Animation industry. It also shows you how many roles exist requiring multiple skillsets in the Industry and can help you in choosing your ideal career path within this exciting and growing industry sector.

Click the following link to read more about the Competency Framework for the Animation Industry.

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