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2D Animation Introduction Course in Toon Boom Harmony

This course has been developed with the input of all the major 2D studios in Ireland and is designed to address the gap that faces Animation graduates upon leaving 3rd level education and getting that first animation role in a professional studio.


  • Participants will need a strong showreel demonstrating their animation skills.
  • Participants will need access to a basic computer / screen and graphics tablet and decent stable internet connection.
  • All other software and hardware will be provided.
  • Candidates must be resident in Ireland.


4 weeks

Start date:



Course Overview

The course focuses on the real-world skills and training needed to be up to speed in the industry standard software and also on how to work in a TV production pipeline. The course has been designed by the industry and is addressing the skills needed for the industry. It is managed and delivered by highly experienced animation professionals who are working in the industry today in the top studios in Ireland.

Over the 4 weeks of the course, you will be given the knowledge and training needed to secure that first step in getting your foot in the door at one of Ireland’s top animation studios.


Fundamentals of Toon Boom Harmony


Animation guide / Posing Fundamentals


Breakdowns: Mapping arcs & timing


Animation finals / Studio expectations: Polishing shots to expected studio standard

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