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2D to 3D Animation Conversion Course – Maya

The course focuses on the real-world skills and training needed to transition from a strong 2D animation background into 3D animation. The course has been designed by industry experts and addresses the skills needed for the industry. It is managed and delivered by highly experienced animation professionals.


Participants must have a strong background in 2D or 3D animation and will need to have a showreel demonstrating their animation skills. Participants need to be focused and interested in pursuing a career in 3D animation and available for the entirety of the 6 weeks of the course. Experience with Maya software or similar is an advantage.

The focus of the course is to help participants with strong 2D animation skills transition into the 3D world of animation. The setup will be similar to a remote studio environment with all interaction with tutors and other participants online.

Participants will need access to a basic computer/screen and graphics tablet and decent stable internet connection. All other software and hardware will be provided.


6 weeks fulltime – Monday to Friday

Start date:



Scott Ramsay – Animation Director at Giant Animation


Course Overview

  • You learn about the 3D pipeline by making a bouncing ball rig.
  • You learn about timing, spacing and the graph editor/maya by animating bouncing ball animations.
  • You learn about performance, planning and appeal in the same way as the previous course.
  • You will be asked to come up with a 3 Beat story (under 8 seconds) that they then animate using a supplied rig.

LESSON 1  (1st week)

Maya Intro + 3D Pipeline

Task: Create a 3D Ball Rig (or Ball with Legs)

*This would be a live demo that we do together.

LESSON 2  (1st week)

Performance Workflow

Task: Plan Beats and breakdown another.

LESSON 3  (1st week)

Key Poses

Task: Bouncing Ball
Duration: 1 day

*This would be a live demo that we do together.

LESSON 4  (1st week)

Weight & Energy

Task: Light / Heavy Ball
Duration: 3 days

LESSON 5  (2nd week)


Task: Trick Shot
Duration: 4 days

LESSON 6  (3rd week)


Task: Breakdowns
Duration: 2 days

LESSON 7  (3rd week)

Planning Workflow

Task: Film Reference
Duration: 4 days

LESSON 8  (4th week)

Appeal Workflow

Tasks:  Create Poses for Shot
Duration: 2 days

LESSON 9  (4th week)

Blocking Workflow

Task: Block out their shot
Duration: 5 days

LESSON 10  (5th week)

Blocking Plus Workflow

Task: Add Breakdowns
Duration: 5 days

LESSON 11  (6th week)

Polish Workflow

Task: Polish their Shot
Duration: 5 days

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