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3D Animation course – Maya – Junior Level

The course focuses on the real-world skills and training needed to transition from 3rd level into 3D animation in a studio. The course has been designed by industry experts and addresses the skills needed for the industry. It is managed and delivered by highly experienced animation professionals.


Participants must have a background in 2D or 3D animation and will need to have a showreel demonstrating their animation skills. Participants need to be focused and interested in pursuing a career in 3D animation and available for the entirety of the 6 weeks of the course. Experience with Maya software or similar is an advantage.

The set-up will be similar to a remote studio environment with all interaction with tutors and other participants online.

Participants will need access to a basic computer / screen and graphics tablet and decent stable internet connection. All other software and hardware will be provided.


6 weeks fulltime – Monday to Friday

Start date:



Scott Ramsay – Animation Director at Giant Animation


Course Overview

  • You learn about the 3D pipeline by making a bouncing ball rig.
  • You learn about timing, spacing and the graph editor/maya by animating bouncing ball animations.
  • You learn about performance, planning and appeal the same way as the previous course.
  • You will be asked to come up with a 3 Beat story (under 8 seconds) that they then animate using a supplied rig.

LESSON 1  (1st week)

Maya Intro + 3D Pipeline

Task: Create a 3D Ball Rig (or Ball with Legs)

*This would be a live demo that we do together.

LESSON 2  (1st week)

Performance Workflow

Task: Plan Beats and breakdown another.

LESSON 3  (1st week)

Key Poses

Task: Bouncing Ball
Duration: 1 day

*This would be a live demo that we do together.

LESSON 4  (1st week)

Weight & Energy

Task: Light / Heavy Ball
Duration: 3 days

LESSON 5  (2nd week)


Task: Trick Shot
Duration: 4 days

LESSON 6  (3rd week)


Task: Breakdowns
Duration: 2 days

LESSON 7  (3rd week)

Planning Workflow

Task: Film Reference
Duration: 4 days

LESSON 8  (4th week)

Appeal Workflow

Tasks:  Create Poses for Shot
Duration: 2 days

LESSON 9  (4th week)

Blocking Workflow

Task: Block out their shot
Duration: 5 days

LESSON 10  (5th week)

Blocking Plus Workflow

Task: Add Breakdowns
Duration: 5 days

LESSON 11  (6th week)

Polish Workflow

Task: Polish their Shot
Duration: 5 days

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