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Bidding Course for Winning Animation

Creative Media Academy Ireland (CMAI) are launching the Bidding for Winning Animation program in conjunction with The Happy Producers. This online course is aimed at production coordinators and managers who are experienced in the industry and are looking to elevate their budgeting practices upskill and learn how to dodge every production problem, crazy client request and change your production will throw at you. Not only will you be given the tools and approaches on how to be a successful production person but you will learn how to do it in a respectful, trusting and less stressful environment.

This is a self-learning online course delivered through a user-friendly web portal as well as live sessions online.

It is a combination of video tutors and exercises that will inform and up-skill the participant in industry best practices that have been tried and tested over many years in the Animation Industry.

About the course:

Timeframe of course: Part-time / a few hours per week
Live sessions will be afternoons or evenings


  • 7 modules
  • 30 topics
  • 9 hours of content

Live sessions – with Virginie Lavallee

  • 1 kick-off live session
  • 1 session after 3 weeks when 3 modules are complete
  • 1 final wrap-up session
  • Access to Q&A throughout the course
  • 3 live sessions in total

Please note that there might be slight changes to the course layout.


approx. 8-10 weeks

Start date:



  • Virginie Lavallee
  • Louis Philippe Vermette

Development Team:

  • Brian Gilmore – Course Director at CMAI
  • Lisa McDonald – Program Coordinator at CMAI
  • The Happy Producers


Course Overview


My Bidding Mindset

    • Introduction to the course


The Business of Animation

  • Animated Project Development Timeline
  • Client VS. Studios. The Mindset Gap
  • Animation Business Development by Design
  • A trust-based industry


Project and Scope of Work Assessment

  • Quality VS” Complexity
  • Project Assessment
  • The Happy Producers Bid Template – Tour
  • The Ballpark Bid


The Preliminary Bid

  • Introduction to The Preliminary Bid
  • Anatomy of a Production Budget
  • The Preliminary Bid


The Detailed Bid

  • Introduction to The Detailed Bid
  • Internal Assumptions
  • Assets Bid
  • Shots Bid
  • Preliminary Mapping & Timeline
  • The Detailed Bid
  • Marketing


Key Contractual Documents

  • The Scope of Work Document
  • Timeline & Milestones
  • Review Workflow
  • How to Say ‘NO’ like a Pro


Launching Production

  • Passing the Baton
  • The Change Order
  • Money Mindset at Work
  • It’s a wrap!

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