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Introduction to Unreal for Animation

Aimed at animation artists looking to get the basics of the Unreal software and how to get started. You will be shown the basics and how to begin your journey into Unreal. Focused on what it can do for linear animation sector.


  • Participants will need a strong showreel demonstrating their animation skills.
  • Participants will need access to a basic computer / screen and graphics tablet and decent stable internet connection.
  • All other software and hardware will be provided.
  • Candidates must be resident in Ireland.


2 hr sessions X 3 evenings

Start date:



Course Overview


Introduction to Unreal for Animation

  • Discover Unreal, its operation, global UI
  • Lighting system inside Unreal, dynamic GI – Lumen.
  • Material system inside Unreal • Bridge and its operation
  • Setting up a small Set, layout and managing actors.
  • Nanite, its pros and cons.
  • Animation inside Unreal, Cameras & Sequencers
  • General workflow/pipeline approach in production, things to know and best practice.
  • Rendering in Unreal Engine.

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