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Shotgrid foundation course for Production – VFX and Animation

This course is aimed at giving the production crew an introduction and solid foundation in using Shotgrid for VFX and Animation projects. It will show you how to get started and set up your project in Shotgrid. It will show you some best practices and advice on how to track and coordinate a project in Shotgrid.

About the course:

It is for any production team members that have been using Shotgrid and are looking to upskill and get some guidance on how best to set up a project in Shotgrid. It is also ideal for people new to Shotgrid and need to know what it is capable of and how to port over from other software that you make be familiar with.


2hrs sessions for 4 days

Start date:



Course Overview

Topics covered in the sessions:

  1. Shotgrid Orientation:
    Interface & Navigation, Account & Profile page, Tasks & Inbox, Understanding the different apps
  2. Configuring your Shotgrid site:
    Resource Planning Overview, People, Departments,  Pipeline Steps, Workload Formulas, Site Preferences, Permissions, Capacity, Work Schedules, Project Bookings, Vacations, Contracts, Internal Resources
  3. Project Workflows & Tracking:
    Creating and managing projects, Task Templates and Pipeline Steps, Understanding the Gantt Chart, Understanding Entities & Adding Fields, Linking assets and shots, Understanding Versions, Statues, Filtersm Sorting and Groups, Logging Time, Bulk editing, Versions

    DAY 1

    Introduction to SG

    • What is SG
    • Entity types and difference between them (assets, shots, notes, versions, people, tasks, tags…)
    • Relation between entities
    • Layout of the pages
    • Using graphs and widgets fields per entity

    DAY 2

    Importing & Reviewing

    • How to import data from Excel and to Excel
    • Data treatment on SG
    • Creating playlists
    • Sharing with client
    • Using the screening room
    • Adding notes
    • Keeping track of the retakes and their status

    DAY 3

    Analysing the Data

    • Measuring the work

    • Scheduling the tasks

    • Adding milestones and deadlines

    • Projecting the workload per artist and department

    DAY 4

    Specific Project Requests

    • What is important in this project

    • Things to keep in mind

    • Suggestions

    • Q&A

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