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At CMAI we pride ourselves in knowing and collaborating with pretty much everyone in the industry. We have spent time working with the industry bodies, so we understand the needs and gaps that need addressing. We have built our courses with this information and with input from the Irish studios and professionals working today. We are constantly improving and adjusting the content so we know we have the most relevant and up-to-date course out in the market.

We work very closely with the funding bodies so we can offer our courses at the most economical price possible to our participants. We understand that in these current financial times, it is difficult to find the funds to go on a training course so it is our mission to make sure funding is not a barrier to anyone looking to participate in one of our courses.

The following industry bodies have been very supportive and believe in what we are doing. We couldn’t do this without them!

Cultural & Creative Industries Skillnet

The arts, culture, media and creative sectors are critically important to Ireland both in terms of economic value but also in terms of social and cultural value and in terms of Ireland’s reputation globally.

These sectors are also experiencing significant expansion and related challenges. One of the most important challenges facing these sectors is ongoing support for skills and talent development.

Cultural & Creative Industries Skillnet was set up to respond to this challenge and become the core skills and talent development engine for the entire creative and cultural ecosystem in Ireland.

Cultural & Creative Industries Skillnet was established in January 2023 as a consolidation and expansion of three existing and established Skillnet Business Networks (Animation Skillnet, Screen Skillnet and Immersive Technologies Skillnet) to support the following cultural and creative sectors: Animation, Visual Effects, Games, Film, TV, Documentary, Post-Production, Immersive Technologies, AR/VR, Virtual Production, Digital Media, Entertainment Events, Music, Theatre and Visual Arts.

Cultural & Creative Industries Skillnet is co-funded by Skillnet Ireland and network companies. Skillnet Ireland is funded from the National Training Fund through the Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science.

VFX Ireland

VFX Ireland promotes Ireland as a VFX centre of excellence and a destination with talent and scale. Founded by Ireland’s largest VFX suppliers, WINDMILL LANE, SCREEN SCENE, EGG & PIRANHA BAR, VFX Ireland showcases the infrastructure and talent available in Ireland. VFX Ireland represents Irish-based companies primarily in the business of producing digital visual effects, on a commercial basis, for the Irish and International markets.

The member companies recognised in the international marketplace as organisations capable of producing award-winning VFX have credits on international feature films, TV and SVOD series. With an eye to the next generation, VFX Ireland’s interface with Screen Training Ireland, 3rd level institutions, Enterprise Ireland and The Irish Film Board is central to creating a sustainable stream of industry-ready talent emerging into the market every year.

In particular, VFX Ireland ensures that Ireland maintains a market-friendly approach to VFX production with the Irish Government’s Section 481 Tax credit support. The strengths of individual member companies are combined through VFX Ireland while highlighting the substantial offering of talent, scale and incentives available in Ireland to produce exceptional VFX.

Animation Ireland

Animation Ireland is the trade association for the leading Irish animation studios working together to promote Ireland’s world-class sector internationally. With millions of children watching animated programmes produced here, Ireland is a recognised leader in TV, Film, Games and Visual Effects.

The Irish animation industry has experienced substantial growth since 2010 and has emerged as a central component of Ireland’s digital and creative economy. Award-winning Irish studios employ over 2,000 full-time staff.

Ireland is one of the best places in Europe and the World to produce animation. Ireland has one of the best Tax Credits in Europe, with up to 32% tax credit available on eligible Irish expenditure. The Irish passion for storytelling and the arts has a created a culture perfectly suited for world class animation studios to thrive upon.

National Talent Academy for Animation

Established in 2021, the National Talent Academy for Animation (NTA: Animation) is an initiative of Fís Éireann/Screen Ireland, managed by Animation Ireland.

The NTA: Animation provides support and opportunities for new and existing Irish-based creative talent through a range of courses and programmes nationwide.

We aim to:

  • Connect with, encourage and support regional and diverse talent
  • Support Irish based creative talent and create educational opportunities in all areas and at all levels
  • Develop an NTA: Animation community to promote and encourage ongoing creative collaboration.

Above all, we want to engage with YOU and offer you the support you need to progress in the animation industry.

The NTA: Animation opportunities are open to all individuals regardless of gender, race, religion, age, sexual orientation or disability. We recognise that there is a huge amount of untapped creative talent in Ireland and that many individuals face barriers and lack clear pathways to inclusion and recognition within the animation industry. Through a range of programmes, the NTA: Animation seeks to engage with and support creative talent in these areas, and provide them with opportunities that will allow them to progress within the animation industry and achieve long term career goals.

Thank you for your support!

Studios We Work With

Animation Ireland in conjunction with Screen Ireland developed this Competency Framework for crew. It’s a fantastic resource that gives details of skills required at all levels within identified roles in the Animation industry. It also shows you how many roles exist requiring multiple skillsets in the Industry and can help you in choosing your ideal career path within this exciting and growing industry sector.

Below is a list of studios we have worked with to date and have been very supportive of our courses:

Giant Animation

3D Animation Studio

Brown Bag Films

2D & 3D Animation Studio

Elk Studios

2D & 3D Animation Studio


VFX & Post-Production studio

Boulder Media

2D Animation Studio

Piranha Bar

VFX & Post-Production Studio

Windmill Lane studios

VFX & Post-Production Studio


2D Animation Studio

Outer Limits

VFX & Post-Production Studio


2D & 3D Animation Studio

Cartoon Saloon

2D Animation Studio

Screen Scene VFX

VFX & Post-Production Studio


2D Animation Studio

Why choose us?

What CMAI can offer to your studio?

CMAI can offer bespoke training for your staff to upskill in a certain area. This training will be designed and developed with your specific needs in mind. We can be flexible in how its delivered and we can use your existing pipeline and infrastructure, so the training environment is familiar to the participants.

We have successful done this with a number of Irelands biggest studios in a variety of areas and topics.