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Production Courses

Welcome to the world of media production excellence with CMAI’s Production courses. Our courses guide you through the art of bringing creative visions to life, from concept to execution. Dive into the intricacies of producing compelling content, whether it’s film, television, or digital media. Whether you’re an aspiring producer, director, or content creator, our courses offer a comprehensive exploration of the production process. Join us to unlock the secrets of successful media production and become part of a community dedicated to crafting engaging and impactful stories.

Production skills are always in demand in all sectors of the Industry – Animation, VFX, Games and Live action. We have developed and delivered multiple courses aimed at improving software-specific skills in Shotgrid as well as building a good foundation and mindset with the production management bootcamp from the Happy Producers.

Shotgrid Foundation course for Production – VFX and Animation

This course is aimed at giving the production crew an introduction and solid foundation in using Shotgrid for VFX and Animation projects. It will show you how to get started and set up your project in Shotgrid. It will show you some best practices and advice on how to track and coordinate a project in Shotgrid.

Production Management – Bootcamp

Creative Media Academy Ireland (CMAI) along with Creative Skillnet are launching the Production Bootcamp in conjunction with The Happy Producers. This online course is aimed at production coordinators and managers who are new to the industry and are looking to upskill and learn the foundations of good production management.

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